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My new book is
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What did I come in here for again?

Improve your brain health and memory, with a practical guide for every step of the process with the Bredesen Protocol®.

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About the book: What did I come in here for again?

As we age, many of us notice changes to our memory or processing speed. But how much is normal and at what point should we be taking action to improve things? We’ve all met or heard of people in their 90’s or even at 100 years old who are sharp as a tack!


What did I come in here for again? details the author’s personal journey in improving her own brain health and memory, providing a practical guide for every step of the process, looking at how to overcome the practical difficulties to make desired changes sustainable.


There is so much contradictory information in the media about what’s healthy for us.  You may have tried the latest fad diets or decided to start a fitness regime and failed, because we’re all individual, and what works for some won’t work for everyone.  

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"This book is a must read for anyone concerned about cognitive health and dementia. It not only shares Lindsey’s personal experiences with dementia, but also provides an insightful, comprehensive guide to understanding the factors that contribute to brain health decline."


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At The Cognitive Health Coach you can find support through various avenues. By joining our supportive Facebook community, members can connect with others on similar journeys, sharing experiences and tips. Additionally, 1-to-1 sessions with Lindsey offer personalised guidance tailored to your individual needs. 

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