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The Bredesen Protocol®

The Re:CODE 2.0 Protocol "The Bredesen Protocol®"

Together we can apply the Re:CODE™ 2.0 protocol (or Pre:CODE™ for prevention) to improve your brain health and memory.
The Bredesen 7 shows all the areas of health that could have had an impact on your cognition.
I work with Certified Re:CODE 2.0™ Practitioners to do testing, diagnosis and a lifestyle "prescription" to tailor the protocol specifically to your causes and needs.
We can work on these in the order you decide to prioritise, to ensure you can fit any adjustments into your life easily.

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What will I eat?

The KetoFLEX 12/3 plan

The food pyramid shown here gives you a good guide for proportions and types of food.
We can work together, to find simple swaps for some ingredients in the foods and recipes you already enjoy.
We'll work on what to do when eating out or when you need convenience.
It's important to me that you find this easy to implement and enjoy this way of eating.  If you're not enjoying it, you won't be able to keep it up.  This isn't a diet, it's a healthy way of eating for the rest of your life.
You may have heard of "Keto 'flu", it's not 'flu, it's a reaction to sugar withdrawal.  But it can leave you a bit fatigued for the first few days.  Not to worry, I have a process that will mean you don't have to experience any ill effects at all.
The good news about the fasting is, it just means not to eat for 3 hours before bed and to fast overnight for 12 hours.  So if you normally finish eating at 6 or 7pm, then have breakfast at 8 or 9am, you've already done 14 hours of fasting!

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