Rates and Bookings

Cognitive Health Coaching

Exploratory Call

Free, no obligation 20 minute call

Find out more about how to improve your cognitive health, leave with tangible next steps and more information, whether you want to work with me, or DIY, this session will set you on the right path

Introductory Session

£150/80 mins one-to-one

1st Session to explore your history, strengths and needs, to set long term goals and agree how you'd like to be coached.  This session is a pre-requisite for one-to-one follow up sessions and includes:
* any research required into specific health issues, to understand your bespoke needs
*a character strengths analysis to help you achieve your goals, your way
*and a wellness 360 analysis.

Follow up Session

£125/50 mins one-to-one

One-to-one sessions are entirely bespoke; focused on your needs, to help you step-by-step on the path to taking control of your cognitive health.  You will set your goals and prioritise what you want to work on.

I will help you to plan your best route to implementation and help you to stay accountable.

We recommend 6 months of fortnightly sessions. 

Book 12 sessions now for a 15% saving (£1275, saving you £225),

or book 6 sessions now for 10% saving (£675, saving you £75)

(payment plans available for a small increment)

Coming Soon - Group Sessions

Group Coaching (max 10 participants)

For the benefits of group support, with more education, delivered in a structured format, this package includes:

* 90 minute one-to-one introductory session

* 12 fortnightly 90 minute group sessions

* free e-book companion guide to the process

* free introductory sessions with other health professionals to complement your needs

* maximum of 6 one-one 20 minute catch-up or bespoke needs coaching to be taken when you need

£1000 for 6 months

(payment plans are available for a small increment)

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