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Available now for the first time in the UK

Brain Training that's Fun

Face to Face courses available in the Coventry area now.

on-line Zoom training sessions coming soon

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Our brains and bodies are not disconnected!  Our whole lifestyle can have an effect on our brain health.  But just like any other muscle in your body you have to exercise it; use it or lose it!

Lindsey is the first coach in the UK helping people live long, healthy, happy, productive, independent lives using the Brainfit® series of courses.

If you’re looking for:

  • a fun, engaging way to learn more about how you can improve your brain health and your memory, all conducted in small, supportive groups of people just like you

  • confidence in remembering people’s names, where you left your keys, when you have appointments and a plethora of other important information to keep you at the top of your game

  • simple tools and techniques to use and share with your friends and family, all backed up with books and an on-line practice course to ensure the learning sticks…

...get in touch to enquire about upcoming courses in your area or via Zoom

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Big savings for group bookings at a venue near you for groups of 6-12


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